Welcome to our group’s Dark Ages: Vampire Chronicle Merchants of Venice. We hope you enjoy our story.

Please note that this is a completed chronicle and therefore no PC or NPC bios will have spoiler warnings. If you wish to read the chronicle summaries without having any plot points spoiled, please refrain from examining any character bios until all readings have been completed.

This chronicle is the first in a trilogy of Chronicles. The sequel, Wraith the Oblivion: Tempests of New Orleans can be viewed here. The finale, Vampire the Masquerade: New Orleans by Night, has reached its conclusion and can be viewed here.

The Unofficial Soundtrack for Dark Ages: Vampire Merchants of Venice can be found here.

Below is a series of Retrospectives that summarizes the events of this chronicle: Merchants of Venice. Links to Gameplay episodes for Tempests of New Orleans and New Orleans by Night can be found on their respective Obsidian Portals.


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Merchants of Venice-A Dark Ages: Vampire Chronicle

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